Company Profile

About Chang Yow

Since its establishment in 1987, Changyou has been adhering to the concept of “specialization, leadership, and innovation”. It initially produced mechanical timers; after 1989, it invested a lot of research and development funds to shift the focus of development to sports and fitness equipment electronic instruments. The technology that has made great strides in time has led the industry to this day, and has since taken the lead in Taiwan’s sports and fitness equipment industry. So far, specializing in electronic equipment and peripheral products for sports and fitness equipment, it is currently one of the most professional R&D, design, and manufacturing ODM manufacturers in Taiwan. Since its establishment 28 years ago, with the persistence of the most professional enthusiasm and excellence, our development direction is based on the needs of customers, and we take the customer-oriented spirit to make every product seriously, from OEM to ODM, not just OEM Production, what we can do is a one-stop service from design to production, we insist on perfect service. In recent years, in order to provide customers with more rapid and high-quality product needs, we set up a factory in Dongguan City, China, “Baiqun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.”, from raw materials to finished products are completed in the factory. We have professional equipment for automatic production. Process, the most rigorous quality control, provide customers with the fastest, highly flexible and most comprehensive products and services. Changyou Technology is a company of Changyou International Group. The group has long adopted the strategy of “deeply cultivating its own industry and laying out technology”. In 2000, Changyou Technology Center was established in Taiwan, mainly in addition to the design and development of electronic instruments and advanced sports equipment in the industry; and Committed to R&D and design of high-precision and high-tech products, lighting design, optoelectronics, and electronic multimedia have been established successively since 2005. As a professional R&D company in the industry, the companies under Changyou Group not only specialize in R&D and independent management capabilities, but also integrate each other’s resources and share each other into a strong team force, which makes Changyou International Technology Group continue to diversify its development and operation.

Corporate Philosophy

Chang Yow spirit

Changyou emphasizes the equal emphasis and integration of technology R&D and humanistic education. We promote employees to learn and grow together, and cultivate the second expertise in addition to their own expertise. Through continuous learning to enhance the company’s overall competitiveness, in an era of rapid technology, open learning is an enterprise The foundation of growth; in addition, the chairman attaches great importance to the health of employees, and organizes mountaineering practice activities from time to time, so that employees can pay more attention to the health and vitality of the body and soul after work, and hope that colleagues who work together in Changyou Keep a happy body, soul and soul; we shape the spirit of “vitality, learning and care”.


Company Culture

Management: Three core spirits: when, where, and what.
Work: Fast, Precise, and Accurate
Quality: Go into the whys and wherefores of an affair
Execution: Accomplish what was promised
Team: Concentric and Teamwork



Since its establishment, Chang Yow Technology International Co., Ltd. has gone through 28 years, continuously pursues innovation and breakthroughs, is committed to the research and development and production of electronic watches and sports equipment products, manages from a multi-angle perspective, humanizes internally, Diversity and continuous learning, employee-oriented, develop diversified thinking and opportunities for employees to learn from each other, cultivate additional skills in addition to their professional capabilities, and drive the company’s growth; externally oriented to customer needs and continuously meet market needs , Increase customer value, and balance the R&D technology and cost, create a win-win situation with customers, so that the company can continue to operate.


1987 Chang Yow Technology International Co., Ltd. was established, designing and manufacturing mechanical meters.

1988 Invest in research and development and manufacture of electronic instruments for fitness equipment.

1989 The first instrument designed for mini steppers has been sold worldwide for 25 years, with sales of up to 3 million units.

1990 Established a computer 3D drawing department to improve the accuracy and standardization of mold design; in the same year, it successfully designed electronic instruments with a Walkman function, which are popular in Japan.

1992 Developed elliptical cross trainer that was in  great demand of whole world.

1995 Develop a programmable control system that uses a motor to control the resistance, replacing the traditional way of mechanically adjusting the movement resistance (movement difficulty).

2000 Established Chang Yow Technologies International Co., Ltd. in Wu Feng., dedicated to the research and development of fitness equipment systems.

2004 Developed EMS system, modularized electronic instrument system to meet the strictest safety requirements of European fitness equipment EN957-CLASS HA, and assisted various automakers to pass EN957 safety certification.

2008 Won the German IF Product Design Award (IF Product Design Award “Prairie Lily”).

2009 Developed multi-backlight color-changing LED modules, and cooperated with German company KETTLER to obtain patents, and related products still sell well.

2010 Cooperate with American DIAMONDBACK to develop products related to iPod/iPhone/iPad music transmission.

2012 Successfully obtained the certification development and production license from Apple Inc. of the United States, and developed a variety of apps for use with fitness equipment officially on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.

2014 A research and development center was established to actively promote the development of various mobile application software.